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Bloch Essential Full Sole Lace Up Jazz Shoes (Child Size) SC13

Bloch Essential Full Sole Lace Up Jazz Shoes (Child Size)
Please note that for ordering purposes, we have listed the shoes for sale here in UK shoe sizes. When your order arrives, your shoes will be labelled based on the bloch sizing chart, which works out at 2.5 sizes bigger than a UK size (from a child size 2 upwards only). Please don't be concerned by the label, your shoe should still fit. If in doubt when your shoes arrive, please check the sizing conversion charts at the bottom of the page.

Out of stock


SizeCurrent StockQuantity
1 UK83
1.5 UK67
2 UK116
2.5 UK69
3 UK128
3.5 UK65
4 UK100
4.5 UK40
5 UK105
5.5 UK41
9 UK12
9.5 UK10
10 UK19
10.5 UK16
11 UK114
11.5 UK41
12 UK104
12.5 UK36
13 UK28
13.5 UK24